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The State Ministry of Health, State Planning and Budget Commission, and Kaduna Bureau of Statistics (KDBS) are pleased to present the 2018 Kaduna State Health Facility Census Report and Interactive Analytics. The main objective of undertaking this census was to have a clearer understanding of the state of health facilities and access to healthcare services in Kaduna state to ensure effective planning and service delivery. This health facility census offers an initial baseline from which better analytics, planning and performance measurement resources can be developed and inform policy engagement and implementation. As work on these analytics evolves the KDBS Data Lab will attempt to integrate different data sources to provide more holistic analytics on the state of health care in Kaduna

The Health Facility Analytics Platform provides an interactive analysis of multiple sources of Data for evidence based Planning and Decision Making


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  • Honestly speaking, Kaduna State Bureau of Statistics deserved commendation and you have became a role model to all state Bureau of state particularly we here in Gombe Bureau of Statistics. Thanks